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TWR-K60N512 - ADC - MQX

Question asked by Andrei Damian da Silva on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas

Hi, I'm using the tower TWR-K60N512 and trying to develop using CW 10.2 with MQX 3.8.

My goal is to make the adc conversion with an external signal source.

So considering that it's my first experience with freescale/ARM/CW (I'm a student), I started with the basics:

- Executed the adc_demo, worked fine.

- I configured the output to be in the PE Serial Grapher style, read the output and tested with the potentiometer,everything OK.


Now started my problem...

I wanted to start by supplying a DC voltage, just to test with an external source... but I don't even know where to connect my source.

I thought that I would have a pin to connect external sources, then I saw in the manual that gpio could be used, but what I don't understand is this:


TWRPI AN0 (J4 Pin 8) ― ADC0_DP0/ADC1_DP3


OK, I thought that I should change my configuration in adc_demo, so the source would be ADC1_SOURCE_AD3 or ADC1_SOURCE_ADPM3, and then connecting my DC voltage in Pin 8(J4 in my tower is one of gpio sockets).


But then I just got crazy results...


So how I should proceed?

Do I need to configure one gpio pin and assign to an adc channel or something?

Thank you