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Missing vgCreateImageAMD Symbol

Question asked by Sébastien Taylor on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by Andre Silva
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Using i.MX53 Linux BSP 11.09.01 the amd-gpu-bin-mx51-11.09.01.tar.gz provides the OpenGL/EGL/OpenVG.  The OpenVG AMD extensions provide access to the raw image buffer to interact with the IPU which we require.


The issue we're having is vgCreateImageAMD as defined in VG/ext.h has no symbol in any of the libraries provided so we're unable to use it.  Wondering if anyone has pointers to an alternative or an updated library package which includes the missing symbols.


What we're specifically trying to do is use that raw VGImage buffer as a source for the IPU ipu_lib_overlay_param_t->user_def_paddr.  So any pointers to an alternative way to achieve this would also work, though the AMD extensions also allow for a YUV VGImage which is preferred.