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MX53: screen is flashing when using mfw_isink

Question asked by Patrick Chau on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2013 by Patrick Chau
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Hi All:

         I am using mx53qsb board for my project, since I need to play the same video on two different display (VGA + LVDS) at the same time, I need to use mfw_isink in order to achieve that, but when test the mfw_isink, we found that the screen is flashing, attached with the video for your reference. It is like when updating the video, the framebuffer fb0, which is running ubuntu desktop, is being accessed as well. but when try to play the video with mfw_v4lsink, the flashing is not happened, but since mfw_v4lsink doesn't support multi video output on different screen, we have to use mfw_isink.


         I am using the ubuntu image comes with the mx53qsb board, the release version is L2.6.3.5_1109, I am using the following command to play the video:


                    gst-launch playbin2 uri=file:///tmp/bunny.m4v video-sink='mfw_isink display=LVDS   disp-width=240 disp-height=240 axis-top=400 axis-left=0 display-1=VGA disp-width-1=240 disp-height-1=240 axis-top-1=400 axis-left-1=0 '   


        Does any body have the idea why the screen is flashing? and how to fix that? Thanks in advance.