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i.MX53 QSB Ubuntu customisation, VPU problem

Question asked by Timo Herbrecher on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by Daiane Angolini

Hello together,


we created a custom board with the i.MX537 for industrial applications. For test purposes we wanted to use the Ubuntu 10.04 Rootfilesystem to play a video via HDMI. The 1080p output via HDMI works perfect but when we want to play a video (the Sintel-Trailer.mp4 for example) causes an fatal error in the totem player, the gpu-sdk gui-example shows the videos as fat coloured stripes. Both explained test cases work on the QSB. We used the imx-2.6.35_11.09 tag of the freescale-git (uboot and kernel) plus the patches from the freescale download page for customization.


Now I have some questions.


1. Is there a difference between the i.MX535 processor used on the QSB and the i.MX537 on our board that could cause the described errors?


2. When we load the described compiled kernel scources (git-tag plus patches) to the QSB and start to play a video on Ubuntu the IPU crashes with IPU_STATE5 and IPU_STATE10 error messages. Where is the difference of the kernel we compiled and the kernel used on the SD-card which is shipped with the QSB and the Ubuntu on it? Is the kernel source for the Ubuntu on the SD-card available out there or does anyone have the kernel-config used for this kernel?


Thanks in advance for your answers.



Best regards,