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Using Yocto/Pocky Linux SDK to build a specific kernel version?

Question asked by Jon Brogdon on Nov 6, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Scott Wood

I am relatively new to Yocto/Poky.  I have customized and built kernels and rootfs for various QorIQ targets (P1022DS, MPC8544DS, and MPC8572DS) using the Linux SDK Poky build system.  My question is: how would I go about building a specific version of the kernel for given target?  I need to build a 2.6 kernel for the MPC8572--specifically, 2.6.32-rc5.  When I build this kernel using Linux SDK 1.2, I get a 3.0 kernel.


I've considered 2 approaches for this:

#1.  Downloading the 2.6.32-rc5 kernel tarball to the sources directory in my build tree, and modifying the recipes to build this kernel.

#2.  Construct a build tree from Freescale git repositories.  At least then I could use "git checkout v2.6.32-rc5" tag for the linux repository.


Using either approach I get stuck on the fact that I don't know which recipes need modifying to build the kernel and rootfs.  Approach #1 seems like it should be easy.  But, I like approach #2 as I feel like I would learn more about the build system in general.


Any suggestions here are welcome.