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RTCS TCP/IP Task stack size reduction

Question asked by Carl Norman on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Carl Norman

Hi Guys,


I am using RTCS which creates a TCP/IP task with 3K of RAM but for my DHCP / TCP / UDP software I have only seen it use well under 1Kb of RAM.


Is it safe to reduce this a little to say 1.5K of RAM? What situations will the TCP/IP task use more RAM?


Here is my task stack usage:


Interrupt stack:    size 00001024    used 00000416



SIZE                  USED                 TASK ID      NAME

00000896(00000380)    00000692(000002B4)   00010001     MAIN_TASK

00000512(00000200)    00000392(00000188)   00010002     X_Task

00000768(00000300)    00000416(000001A0)   00010003     XX_Task

00002304(00000900)    00002144(00000860)   00010004     XXX_Task

00001280(00000500)    00000556(0000022C)   00010005     XXXX_Task

00003328(00000D00)    00002956(00000B8C)   00010006     ETH0_Task

00003000(00000BB8)    00000740(000002E4)   00010007     TCP/IP