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QT on the SABRE for eReaders

Question asked by hamzakc on Nov 5, 2012



I am delving into the embedded software market and I am looking to purchase a SABRE eReader in the near future.  I am a software developer and never done anything to do with hardware devices, so I am finding all this a steep learning curve. 


I am looking to develop an application that runs on the SABRE eReader that uses its touch and e-ink display.  (By the way what is the difference between SABRE AND SABRE2, apart from the cost ).  However before I put down the $1000 I wanted to get a head start on developing the software using QT.  I have looked at a few posts that explain how to get QT running, but they all seem to be for a normal lcd/led display.  So my questions are


1) Can I use the QT SDK to control the e-ink display.  I know on the kindle this had to be done via C directly.  Have freescale got some kind of interface?

2) Can I also use the QT SDK to record the touch interface on the e-ink display.

3) Would anyone advise against using QT to develop this e-ink touch application?  If so what alternatives do I have.

4) Is there another version of the SABRE eReader coming out soon, if so what is the timescale?


As I have not dealt with different CPU architectures before now, how do people generally develop applications.  Do they do all the development and compilation on the reference board, or do they use a normal i386 pc and some kind of emulator, and when they are ready to test it on the board they compile it on the board and run it.


Thanks and sorry for the noob questions.


Kind Regards

Hamza Khan-Cheema