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an2295 bootloader with K20 - iar , linker/compiller problem

Question asked by panchogalactico on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by panchogalactico

hi. I'm trying to compile the code that comes with the aplication notes an2295 , working on iar , MCU K20DX256   . I'm getting this error messages:


Error[Li005]: no definition for "__iar_program_start" [program entry]

Error[Li005]: no definition for "__BOOT_STACK_ADDRESS" [referenced from C:\Users\desarrollo\Desktop\an2295sw\src\Kinetis\IAR_6_4\Kinetis K Release\Obj\ bootloader.o]

Error[Lp001]: no definition for init routine "__iar_zero_init3"


Does anyone know how to solve those issues?

Do i have to modify something in MY code (other than what the an2295 says) in order to make it work with the bootloader?

Is there a guide or a tutorial online that i could use to do so? im reading the application note and the iar manual, but it would be really usefull for me if  I can make this thing work quickly.