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FLASH bootloader questions (K60)

Question asked by Jonathan Downey on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by EARL GOODRICH

I am trying to understand the limitations of erasing and writing to FLASH (on a FLASH only / no FlexNVM device) while executing from FLASH.


I have a bootloader that fills SECTOR0 (32K) on a 1MEG part.  Can I erase and write to any other sector on the device?  I saw several references in the documentation that made it sound like you could only write to a "block" that you were not executing from.  But I believe these devices only have two FLASH "blocks" (unless I misunderstand what a "block" is).  Is the read/erase exclusion sector based or block based?


Separately.... what is the easiest way to be able to overwrite my bootloader, i.e.write to Sector0 from code executing in Sector0?

- Have the bootloader copied into RAM on startup?  Then the entire FLASH device, all 1MEG, should be erasable and writable, right?