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how to install multiple BSPs

Question asked by yektaayduk on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by Daiane Angolini

Hi ,

Currently I'm using the BSP (1)     L2.6.35_11_09_ER_SOURCE  for imx53 .

I had a previous installtion for imx25  BSP(2)   L2.6.31_09.12.00_SDK_SOURCE  ,but I removed it because in the

ltib user guide for imx53  it says : remove any previous installation  packages under /opt/freescale/pkgs .

I have an imx25 -3 stack board and want to boot the board from SDcard.

Using this BSP(1) I can compile uboot for imx25 ,but I want to build a rootfs.ext3 for imx25 .

The ltib BSP(1) has only board selections for imx 5x family for kernel compilation.


My question is ,(how) can we install multiple BSPs and use them ?

Is there any other BSP which covers all processors?