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Problem using sprintf with LCD

Question asked by johnt on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2012 by TomE

Hello everybody,


I'm trying to print the value of a int variable to one LCD but it's not working properly, I've tried many things but I would like to know how can I include a int variable to a normal a string that I want to print to the LCD.


I can only print normal texts to the LCD but without variables, for example doing this:


char *text="Hello world";


  while (*text)


    senddatatoLCD (*text++);  //Function made to send data to LCD in 2 lines using 4 bits only.



I would like to build a string with value of int variable already included and then just send this string with a while loop as I've on the example shown before.


Something like this: sprintf (*string, "The value: %d", var);


and the use the *string to print it to the LCD.


Does someone knows how to do it?


Thanks in advance.