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MFS shell commands and multiple MFS file systems

Question asked by pbanta on Nov 2, 2012
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With MQX 3.8.1 on a K70 I have two MFS filesystems created in this order:


1.  a: is installed on a RAM disk

2.  c: is installed on an SD card


Through a telnet shell I'm trying to use the MFS shell commands to test file creation/read/write/delete on the SD card.  The only command that seems to recognize the c: filesystem is df.  Other commands, like "create" and "dir" seem to only work with the first file system they find. See the shell output below.


shell> df a:

Free disk space on a:

2033 clusters, 512 bytes each

1016 KB

shell> df b

Error, file system not mounted

shell> df c:

Free disk space on c:

975594 clusters, 4096 bytes each

3902376 KB

shell> create a:test.txt

Error, unable to open file a:test.txt.

shell> create c:test.txt

Error, unable to open file c:test.txt.

shell> create test.txt

shell> dir

TEST.TXT            0 01-01-1980 00:03:16      A TEST.TXT

shell> dir a:

shell> dir c:



A little background:


I have partitioned and formatted the SD card with MQX/MFS.  I know that in my SD card init function I can create a file successfully.  I can then put the card in a PC and see the file I created.  It's just that from the MQX shell that not all of the MFS shell commands seem to work.  I must have something mis-configured. 


Any ideas?