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MPC860 power-on reset problem

Question asked by Renan Armstrong on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by Renan Armstrong

Hello colleagues,


I am with a hardware problem.

When I power-off and immediately power-on my board, the MPC860 doesn`t startup and there is no signal in its CLKOUT pin. It is totally "dead".

If I wait some seconds after the power-off, the component starts-up normally.


For some reason, this problem become more constant in the last produced boards (it is in serie production since 2007), maybe there is a problem with MPC860 lots.

This problem is critical because if a  power breakdown occurs, my board gets blocked.


I observed on the errata file that there is a problem with power-on reset, but I changed all the envolved capacitors and the result continued the same.


Could someone help me ???


My Best Regards,


Renan Armstrong