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IO Port speed does not match BUSCLK frequency

Question asked by Rastislav Matula on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by Rastislav Matula

Hi All,


Just a quick question, maybe this is another basic thing, but it seems I missing something. I am trying to drive IO pin (among other things ) and is vital for the project to drive it as fast as possible. I am using S08JM60 mcu, CW 10.1 with PE (-Ot), 2MHz external crystal (set so the "Internal Bus Clock" = 24MHz, "PLL output cock freq." = 48MHz ). Looking in the assembly code i could see:




1bda:   1E06 BSET 7,0x06



1bdc:   1F06 BCLR 7,0x06


I am assuming that each of this instructions should take only one clock cycle (BUSCLK=24MHz), so the pulse length   __|'''''''''|__  should be ~41,6ns. But obviously I can see something different on oscilloscope, where the pulse length is ~208ns (4.8MHz). It seems, that everything is running slower than I think the real possibilities are. Could somebody enlighten me into this?  What about core frequency, shouldn't be execution of instruction even faster (48MHz) if i am not trying to access GPIO? Is it possible to twiddle with IO faster than 200ns?


Thanks for your time,