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Do I have a bricked board?

Question asked by chop on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by chop

Received my board this afternoon , played with the touch pad, accelerometer etc All as expected , thought I'd have a look at the OpenSDA side of things :-  Press RST, Connect up, release RST  ,   device comes up as Bootloader  as expected . Drag the required  MSD-FRDM-KL25Z from the OpenSDA Applications folder then power down and restart ,  comes up directly as Bootloader . , D4 flashing away green and no other sign of life otherwise , The Demo program is obviously gone , plugging into the "KL25Z" USB socket gives nothing at all , plugging into the "OpenSDA" USB socket just goes directly to the bootloader ,


Are these boards that finicky ? Is there any way to restore the thing ? Do I have a hi-tech drinks coaster?