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LIN slave support for MPC563xM

Question asked by andrea mocci on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by andrea mocci

Hi everybody,



I am developing a little LIN network with one master (LINAnlyzer by Vector Informatik) and one (or more) slave(s).

I need to develop slave node using mpc5634 Monaco, that contains native support and LIN fsm only for master node .

I also have a master node based on the same mcu (LIN TX/RX DMA controlled),

I am encountering a lot of problems, first of all I am not able to correctly receive an header if I do not trigger TX DMA channel connected to LIN_LTR register as first thing, i.e. if I sent an header I also receive correctly data hdr+response sent by LINAnlyzer(but it is an error, considering that slaves node simple receive header, handle it and, if required, sent a response on the LIN bus).

Has anyone worked on this before me?



Any suggestions would be very appreciated!!!



Thank you in advance,






Andrea Mocci



Embedded SW developer at Akhela s.r.l.