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Question asked by chris321 on Oct 30, 2012
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Hello Community,


I've a question for routing the EMI_DDR_OPEN trace. If I read this right the appnote AN4215 says DDR_OPEN route length equals CLK routed length + DQS routet length. But there are 2 CLK traces (CLK and CLKn) and 4 DQS (DQS0, DQS0n, DQS1, DQS1n).

Do that mean I have to sum up the matched length of DQS and the matched length of CLK?


For Example_


DQM0 = 17,1 mm

DQM0n = 17,2 mm

DQM1 = 16,9 mm

DQM1n = 16,8 mm

CLK = 11,9mm

CLK = 12,1mm


Is now the length of EMI_DDR_OPEN (17+12)mm ?


thank You