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Problems with internal flash application on a K60F120 TWR board

Question asked by Markus Krug on Oct 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by Melissa A Hunter



a few day ago I switched from a K60N512 board to a K60F120 board. Today I tried to program an application to the internal flash. I did this many time before for the K60N512 board just by changing the 'active project' to the version xxx_internal_flash because I always setup both at the start of a new project. The download looks fine and I can start the program with the debugger. However, if I close the debugger and press the reset buttom the board does not react as expected. My application was playing around with the onboard LEDs. After putting the program into the flash it does something with the LEDs that looks similiar to my application - however not exactly like in the RAM application. It looks like that the PortA configuration is not correctly. Is there something that has to be considered if you changed the pin functions?


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