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K60 clock running at half speed.  Why?

Question asked by Phil Hochstetler on Oct 28, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by Phil Hochstetler

I am trying to port to a new development board. It has a K60 chip and is using a 50Mhz external clock input.  I started with the 3.8.1 release and just compiled the libraries in debug mode and tried one of the examples.  It hung in the clock setup code.  Since all my previous experience is with 3.8.0, I downloaded the older release and tried that.  That code comes up and runs (does not get hung in the clock setup code).  I tried to configure UART5 as that is wired through a MAX232 chip for serial access.  I was getting garbage characters on both input and output but it did get an interrupt when I typed a char into hyperterminal.  I tried a small loop of "_time_delay(1000); printf("x");"  and found it was taking twice as long to output the garbage char.  This led me to think the clock was running slow by 2 x so I tried to connect at 4800 baud (instead of the configured by me of 9600) and success.  I can now talk correctly to a serial port.  The question is why is the clock running 2x slow?  This is the same exact startup code as run on the  TOWER hardware platform which also has a 50 Mhz input clock. Anyone have a clue?



Phil H.