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Vector Redirection in HCS08

Question asked by bob_walker on Oct 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by Michael Bodnar

Has anyone designed a bootloader that uses NO INTERRUPTS,  that resides in high memory and uses both Flash Protection and Vector Redirection for the application?


To be more specific - the application executes interrupt services that are VECTORED automatically via the RELOCATED vector table in the application space  and NOT via the use of a re-vectoring (i.e. software) table residing in the bootloader...


My bootloader ( @0xFC00-->0xFFFF) is verified working. The first instruction executed in the bootloader is SEI.

Interrupts are NEVER enabled in the bootloader. The correct and verified application vector is jumped to (PC=application startup vector). The application vector table residing at 0xFBC4 (9s08JM60)  has verified vectors pointing to their respective handlers.


My question is - Does the HARDWARE vectoring actually work or is it vaporware (bugs?) on behalf of Freescale?