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_event_open generates Unhandled Exception

Question asked by panpwr on Oct 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by David E Seymour



I am a newbie to MQX, and trying my first steps with this OS, and I am trying to activate a simple event by using the code below.

I manage to create an event by "_event_create" (I can verify that event was initialized by using Keil's MQX OS Support "Events" window in debug mode).

However, when I step over the "event_open", the system hangs, and when I look at the debug window I see that the task status is "Unhandled Interrupt", TD = 0x1fff105c.


How should I proceed from here?


Here is the code:


#define CONFIG_DB_INIT_STRING "ConfigDBInit_EventGroup"

pointer event_configDbInit;





error = _event_create(CONFIG_DB_INIT_STRING);

if (error != MQX_OK)


    printf("\nevent_create (%s)failed", CONFIG_DB_INIT_STRING);




error = _event_open(CONFIG_DB_INIT_STRING, event_configDbInit);

if (error != MQX_OK)


    printf("\nTask error code is 0x%1x", _task_errno);

    printf("\nevent_open to %s failed", CONFIG_DB_INIT_STRING);