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Patch android script fails

Question asked by ARUN KUMAR THARANICHELVAN on Oct 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by Developer Programmer
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I'm trying to flash sd card with Adeneo's ginger bread android os and followed the instructions available in the guide. When I run the ./ I get the below error and I'm struck in this for last 2 days. Has anyone faced similar error before? Please help me fix this error.


/home/lucid/Desktop/i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/bootable/bootloader/uboot-imx/.git/rebase-apply/patch:2236: space before tab in indent.

    mrc 15, 0, r0, c1, c0, 1

/home/lucid/Desktop/i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/bootable/bootloader/uboot-imx/.git/rebase-apply/patch:2237: space before tab in indent.

    orr r0, r0, #7

warning: squelched 22 whitespace errors

warning: 27 lines add whitespace errors.

fatal: corrupt patch at line 172

Error! Fail to apply patch from /home/lucid/Desktop/i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/install/imx-android-r10.3/code/r10.3/platform/bootable/bootloader/uboot-imx.git to /home/lucid/Desktop/i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/bootable/bootloader/uboot-imx. Stop