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9S12XS128 - 64 pins socket and 16 channels ATD

Question asked by huguesangelis on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by huguesangelis

Hi all.


I'm writing courses (in french) for my students about the ADC12B16 of the 9S12XS128 in 64 pin LQFP.

I've got few questions to ask :


First of all : what will I get if I start a conversion on one of the unconnected pins (channels 8 to 15) ?

Next : what happends if I use a 16 channels sequence plus a WRAP around after channel 7 and activate the Compare on channels 8 to 15. Will I do a conversion of channels 0 to 7 (stored in data registers ATDDR0 to ATDDR7) and then do a comparaison of channels 0 to 7 with data stored in ATDDR8 to ATDDR15 ?

And last : What is the good formula to get the duration of a single channel conversion ?


For me the answer of the last question is :

duration = (nb of bits + 2 + sample time (defined by bits SMPx) + 2 * SMP_DIS) * Tatd.

Am I true ?


Thanks a lot to all.