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Flexcan can't send or recv data on m52259 board

Question asked by Blackrose on Oct 26, 2012
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Dear all
       I make an application used canbus to communication with all boards.Now, i have three boards, two boards is used imx535 chip.The other is m52259demomcu.All boards test can done on loopback mode. Next, i want to make test on normal mode. That boards of imx535 chip can communicates when use wire to connect CANH and CANL. Though the 52259demo board can't communicate with other boards. I have check the programe and wire, all is right.

       Here are boards infomation:

       imx535 boards : 

            cpu : imx535

            can transceiver: sn65hvd230

            CANH and CANL voltage is 2.2v ~ 2.7v ( i use oscilloscope got it)           


       52259demo boards:

            cpu : pcf52259cag80

            can transceiver: TJA1050

            CANH and CANL voltage is 3.5v ~ 3.7v


      I didn't know, why the can transceiver's voltage of 52259 is higher than imx535? Is this cause they doesn't communication ?

      How can i resovle this problem?