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Bare board development on P1010/P1014

Question asked by Lars Poulsen on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Scott Wood

Am I the only one doing bare board development on the P1010/P1014 platform?


It seems that all the Freescale documentation is assuming that customers develop their applications as user-mode programs to run under Linux, and the only bare-board program in sight is U-boot, which seems to be licensed on terms that do not allow me to take code snippets and integrate them in my proprietary software.


My project intends to reuse a code base that we developed under a proprietary RTOS in a Power-QUICC I (MPC860 and MPC885) environment and so the first order of business is to port the RTOS and our own boot code. I am surprised how little support there seems to be for this -- or maybe I just do not know where to look.


All responses are welcome.