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LTIB and M5329x Framebuffer - how to get it to work

Discussion created by aLUNZ Scott on Jun 26, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2007 by aLUNZ Scott

We have a M5329EVB with the LTIB supplied from Freescale.  Most everything works out of the box but we are just starting to use the LCD controller.  We have enabled compile time config options as specified in the support documentation and when building the image it looks like m532xfb.o is built and linked into the kernel.

However, when booting the /var/log/messages does not show a line along the lines of 'Initing M532x Framebuffer' and using a scope to look at the control lines to the LCD show nothing happening. 

It looks like there is something simple that we are missing to actually tell the kernel to use the fb.  Is there a kernel command line (or some config file) that we need to set?

Any help would be appreciated,