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i.MX53 Embedded-Qt-4.7.0 touchscreen wrong points positions and events

Question asked by Olivier LE ROY on Oct 24, 2012

I am using a Sabre platform for i.MX53 with a LVDS1 LCD / touchpanel, with tslib.


When using Embedded-Qt-4.7.0 applications that make use of the cursor position, when I tap on the screen, sometimes, the cursor moves at a location distant from the point where I tap. Also there are two mouse events mouseButtonpressed, instead of one when the application behaves correctly in this case.


Recalibrating the touchscreen doesn't solve the problem.


This problem occurs only on Embedded-Qt-4.7.0 applications. The output of "hexdump /dev/input/event0" is correct. So this is not a low level issue.


Have someone experienced the same with Embedded-Qt applications, and solved it?