IDE Scripting with OLE/COM

Discussion created by frankc on Oct 23, 2012
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I've leveraged the IDE Windows Automation Guide in the CW help folder and successfully created several OLE/COM scripts using Perl to automate CW v8.3. However we have unit tests that use the console output. My problem now is that I need to control the debugger, wait for the output to appear on the CW console, then capture that output to a file in order to pass it back to our build server.


Does someone have the commandID list for the OLE method DoCommand? In a very old forum there is a reference to the file CodeWarriorCommandNumbers.h in a Plugin SDK Com folder, however this no longer seems available (I think). According to the OLE viewer, the DoCommand is:

void DoCommand([in] long commandID);


Also, is there a place I can look for any other OLE interface tips on how to capture the console output? I haven’t found an obvious interface via the OLE/COM viewer for that.