How do I add a TOC to my content?

Discussion created by -nilda Employee on Oct 23, 2012

Place your pointer where you would like to add the TOC (usually at the top of the page).  In the Edit screen GUI toolbar, select the macros button [>>].  From the pulldown list, select Table of Contents.  A TOC icon will appear in the document or discussion.  The TOC will dynamically update based on header entries placed in the content.



If you are entering reply in a discussion, you will need to first select the "Use advanced editor" link in the top right corner in order for the GUI toolbar to appear:



The TOC will appear as a bulleted list in your content.  Based on the selection of the headers used (select "Style" in the toolbar).  For example, Header 1 will place one bullet and the entry text that was made for the header.  If you select Header 2 and there are no Header 1 content available, it will appear with 2 bullets.  But if there is Header 1 and Header 2 content, then the Header 2 content will display as an indented bulleted item beneath Header 1.