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Cutting Constant warning Codewarrior IDE 5.7, programming 9S12XDP512 in assembly

Question asked by Paul De Marni on Jun 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2007 by Paul De Marni
The assembler returns this warning, although it assembles the code properly and the code works fine.  Is there a different syntax to use on my assembler line or other solution to eliminate this warning ? I am new to Codewarrior, so any suggestion is welcome. The warning looks like this;
Warning : A1415:  Cutting constant:  Value  -47424 is not in range [-32768...65535]
The tip in help is to use a larger field? How do I do this?
The line of code that causes this warning, this is from the list file;
     a00CC10 05FB 46C0    JMP           [CHANNEL_PATH,PCR] 
From the list file, I have defined CHANNEL_PATH in ram, it is 16 bit, located at $12D4