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How to make USB device work on I.MX28 EVK board

Question asked by Johnny Fu on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by jimmychan
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I am using the I.MX28 EVK board to develop a printer. What I try to do is to do the USB data transfer between PC and device.

I keep the default menuconfig of ltib which base on Linux 2.6.35.

And only enable Device Drivers->USB support->USB Gadget Support->USB Gadget Drivers->Printer Gadget as a module.

After compilation with /driver/usb/gadget/printer.c, bootup the EVK board with SD card, connect USB otg port to PC, and enumeration is ok.

On Embeded Linux side, I use /Documentation/usb/gadget_printer as the app to read usb data.

But I don't see any data transfer PC when I try to send data from PC by bushound.

Does anyone know what is wrong and how to make bulk data transfer between PC and I.MX28?

Thank you.