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MQX3.8 (CW10.3b) not passing variables when creating tasks

Question asked by Carl Norman on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by Garabo



I have ported code from MQX3.7 CW10.2 to MQX3.8 CW10.3b and had a major problem with this simple concept that has worked from MQX3.3 to MQX3.7



Start a thread / task using this template:

{ 17,           ETHRC_Task,    0x0800,  7,  "ETHRC_Task",  0},



In main thread, using 123 as an exmaple:

ETHRC_Task_ID = _task_create(0 ,_task_get_template_index("ETHRC_Task"), 123);



void ETHRC_Task(uint_32 ETH0_RC_Start_Value)


  printf("\nHello world from ETH0_RC, ETH0_RC_Start_Value = %u\n", ETH0_RC_Start_Value);






Hello world from ETH0_RC, ETH0_RC_Start_Value = 0


I have tested this twice on code that has worked for years and is out in production... I didn't see anything in the release notes and it 100% was working on MQX3.3 to MQX3.7,.