MX507: the method to rotate  display in Android

Discussion created by GraceH Employee on Oct 19, 2012

MX507 has no GPU, if rotate display with "setprop ro.sf.hwrotation 90", line shift issue will occur because of software renderer of OpenGL.


We can use the rotate property of EPDC driver to rotate display.

The patch is as below.



diff --git a/libgralloc/framebuffer.cpp b/libgralloc/framebuffer.cpp

@@ -1064,6 +1066,7 @@ int mapFrameBufferLocked(struct private_module_t* module)

     info.bits_per_pixel = 16;

     info.grayscale = 0;

     info.yoffset = 0;

+     info.rotate = FB_ROTATE_CCW;



     uint32_t flags = PAGE_FLIP;