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Questions Regarding iMX53 QSB

Question asked by Nitin Singh on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by RandyKrakora

Hi All,


Received my iMX53 QSB today and did up initial work to get familiarize with the same.

As per my project requirements, i have the some questions which i would like to address :


1. How can i inteface an camera with the board through USB port? What are the options available ?


2. SInce there is no wireless module statically attached with the board, what are the options to make the board as a wifi device.? I have Huawei E650 mobile WiFi. Will it make any sense ?


3. Presently the card is uploaded with ubuntu 10.04 lucid. If the existing micro SD card get corrupted, how can i make new one in order to boot the board in same way?


Please reply to the above queries. Any help will be appreciable.

Thanks in advance.