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how to build booting from NAND flash on i.mx28evk

Question asked by Edwin Tu on Oct 17, 2012



I am working on i.MX28 evk board with Linux 2.6.32 running on it. I was able to boot from SD card as instructed by doc , I use ./sdimage tp programming in SD card, when power up, under the u-boot environment, I was able to  use tftpboot to transfer file onto the RAM of evk  and I trying to implement booting process from NAND flash, together with  kernel and rootfs,  I plan to use u-boot command ";nand erase & write" to flahing image in nand, but there is no such command support, I was wondering how I can use a NAND flash to boot up system . If yes, where can I find related procedure? or is there any other way to do for nand booting .


any advice is welcome.



Thank you in advance.