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FTM, DSPI --  "system clock" or "peripheral bus clock"?

Question asked by pmt on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by Mark Butcher

Both the FTM and DSPI sections of the K60 reference manual make reference to the "system clock" being the clock source for these peripherals (see below).  But "system clock" has a very specific meaning as defined in section 5.4 Clock Definitions. It relates to the core clock. 


All indications are these peripherals actually use the "[Peripheral] Bus Clock", which is a maximum 1/2 the core clock.  Is this indeed the case? 


If so this needs a-fix'n in the Reference Manual. Baud Rate Generator

The Baud Rate is the frequency of the Serial Communication Clock (SCK). The system

clock is divided by a prescaler (PBR) and scaler (BR) to produce SCK with the


42.1.2 Features

The FTM features include:

• FTM source clock is selectable

• Source clock can be the system clock, the fixed frequency clock, or an external