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Reading Fuse

Question asked by Stefano Mora on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by JerryZeng
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Hi all,

how can i read the iMX51 fuses inside a WEC700 driver?

I need to read the unique ID of the chip and my guess is that is contained in the fuses area.


My try is:


UINT8* pRegs;
    int val;
    ULONG ulSize = 0x840*sizeof(UINT8);
    phyAddr.QuadPart = CSP_BASE_REG_PA_IIM;
    pRegs = (UINT8*)MmMapIoSpace(phyAddr, ulSize, FALSE);
    RETAILMSG(1, (L":  %x\r\n", pRegs));

    val  = INREG32(&pRegs[0x820]);
    RETAILMSG(1, (L":  %x\r\n", val));

    val <<= 8;
    val |= INREG32(&pRegs[0x824]);
    RETAILMSG(1, (L":  %x\r\n", val));


but the driver hangs and the system stop to work.

How can i do it?