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Application stucking on iMX51 + Qt4.7.3 + simplegl

Question asked by antoninobattaglia on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by imxcommunityscout
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Hi All,


     I am developping a commercial system using iMX51 + Qt 4.7.3 + simplegl driver.


The application uses opengl 32 bits. System has 256 MB of RAM used with the following bootloader prms:


gpu_memory=128M gpu_nommu


The application (called APP) is using opengl only in for 2 animation involving crossfading, bluring and brightness.

The vertex and fragment shader are very simple and are written inside 2 qml files.


Sometimes the application stucks with the following output:


APP: /u/build/nightly_build/build/ltib/rpm/BUILD/amd-gpu-src-11.05.01/driver/build/linux/mx51/../../../es20/src/gl2_framebufferobject.c:388: set_framebuffer: Assertion `0' failed.


I dont know the reason why. Does anybody know what is the meaning of this message?

Have you experienced this issue?


Any support is very appreciated. Thx.