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How can I "Insert Code" in a Forum Post?

Question asked by TomE on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by -nilda
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The old forum had a simple "Insert Code" which would allow source code to be inserted in a Monospace font and without it being reformatted.


This was also useful for inserting simple lists and tables.


Is there an equivalent in the new forums?


Does the "Insert Syntax Highlighting" do this? Apparently not. I have no idea what's happening here, it seems to have tried to make a table...


    do {
        p_msg = &msgs[i];

        len = this->len - this->xfer;
        if (len > 8)
            len = 8;
        data_cmd = this->xfer / 8 & 0x07;


I've searched the whole of this forum for "syntax" and there doesn't seem to be anything that says what "Syntax Highlighting" is or how to use it.