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Old codewarrior license

Question asked by guillaume dalens on Oct 16, 2012
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I just restart an old project from a customer. He send us its CodeWarrior CD. I install it and try to register it in order to compile the customer code.

The CodeWarrior IDE version :

The CodeWarrior version is 8.2


I try many stuff to register or just obtain a reaction, but nothing works and freescale is totally mute.


* 1st try * the default register product executable : it only remind me an error message box about unreachable server.

* 2nd try * the register product executable allow me to generate a .txt fiel to send to : but I've an error reply from freescale

* 3rd try * as suggested in the error message box, I try direct access to FreeScale (when the website works), but none of my product code or registration number is recognize.

* 4th try * I try to chat online with the support : they forward me to the website or to raise a SR.

* 5th try * I try to call the french (my country) support line. I only hear "Thank you for calling, goodbye !" and cut the line without any chance to talk.

* 6th try * I log a Service Request. They ask me the CodeWarrior version. I answer 4 days ago and being waiting for reply...


* 7th try * I try to call the french (my country) support line with another number, they ask me to raise a SR.


I began to be depressed about FreeScale tools and support


Do anyone have an Idea about the correct way to register my product or a way to contact the support.

I believe I've got a weird version, but i'd like to use it anyway, i need to work.