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power supply issue in IMX283.

Question asked by chrisyin on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by ASIF ALI
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hi, everyone:

I have a power supply issue in IMX283.


Steps to Reproduce



1,use IMX283 in the design refer to<IMX28_EVK_REVD_SCH.DSN



2,conect the 4.2V in battery pin



3,disconnect the VDD5V pin



4,push the recovery button



5,release the recovery button



Expected Results



come into pending in step 4



recovery from pending to work in step 5



Observed Results



IMX283 power down
in step 4, the VDDIO droped to 5mV from 3.3V in step 4,



can't recovery to
work in step 5






measure the
voltage: 3.3V on VDDIO,3.94V on VDD5V,4.2V on VDD4P2



I am thinking
that the 3.94V on VDD5V which is higher than VDDIO+0.6V lead to DCDC detected
VDD5V and switched to VDD5V. but the 5V is only drain voltage but not power
supply. so the IMX283 powerdown.



my question is:



1,where come from
the 3.94V on VDD5V and 4.2V on VDD4P2, is it right?



2, whether 3.94V
on VDD5V lead DCDC swich to VDD5V power supply by mistake?