Yocto: Source for ER and GA release kernels

Discussion created by johnw on Oct 15, 2012
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I have started to look into Yocto support for the i.MX6Q Sabre-lite, and I'm wondering how Freescale is managing their kernels.  Is Freescale going to work with the community or continue to exclusively develop their kernels internally (with the exception of pulling updates from Linaro and Linus as needed).


I found this site:


This claims to be a starting point for getting started with Yocto.  When you look into it, it makes use of this metadata for i.MX:


The kernel recipes are here:


There only appears to be two recipes for i.MX6 - kernel 3.0.15 and Mainline.  This is based on the "COMPATIBLE_MACHINE" line in the recipe.

The recipe for 3.0.15 uses the following repository:


Given there is no branch or commit hash identified in the URI, I'm assuming that it will pull from branch master, which according to the repository was updated 9 months ago.  This is pretty old, and I know it is not the latest because of this:

Which was just committed last week.  This looks to be a source blob for the new kernels that FSL is working on, but not a source repository, per se.


So, I guess I'm wondering what the long-term approach is the Freescale is going to take?