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USB Coldfire Multilink crashing Windows XP

Discussion created by Alexandre Kremer on Jun 25, 2007
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 Any of you had your operational system (Windows XP) corrupted and had to format and reinstall it because of BDM´s bad functioning?
 It seems i had this problem 2 weeks ago. My laptop had only the BDM USB attached to it, no ethernet cable, no serial, no nothing. CW 6.3 for coldfire was opened and i had just stopped a debug session. Then i went to my desktop to check my mails and, after some minutes, suddenly the blue windows screen showed up on my laptop´s screen (first time on my laptop). A strange error message on screen was informing that the system was corrupted because of a bad functioning device. As BDM was the only device attached i presume it was the cause. After rebooting, windows could not start again, so i had to do a boot through my linux installer CD and backup all my important files and projects to my desktop before execute the recovery CD to format it and reinstal the windows XP home.

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