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P&E USB BDM Rev.D problem

Question asked by sebasira on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by sebasira

Hi all!


I've been working for years with several P&E BDM, and we have also break and repair some of them. But now, we receive 2 brand new BDM Rev.D and windows XP does not recognize any of them on 4 different computers, where all the other BDM we have work perfectly (BDM Rev.C)


We have USB 2.0 patch apply on the 4 PCs, and we use CW v3.1 and v4.6. When we connect the new BDM to the PC it doesn't appear under device manager. And the BDM LEDs remain off.


The strange thing is that accidentaly, we find out that if we connect the BDM to a USB hub, then the BDM works, That's strange, because the hub reduce USB speed. It's a chinesse hub with no external supply and it is USB 1.1.


We also try updating the BDM firmware. It said that it already has the latest, but we modify the firmware version number so we can force the change. We also load this firmware on the BDM revC and work without a problem.


One more thing, we ran the P&E Driver Test and all the files are detected


Can anybody help me here?