Jim Donelson

Kinetis Debugger Shell Helpful Tip

Discussion created by Jim Donelson on Oct 14, 2012

While this is not the first time the debugger shell has been discussed, I found this so handy while debugging Kinetis code as these processors have many registers many of which I am new to. Digging thru the register tab gets time consuming, and then the IDE will "helpfully" close the register view you had open, I find this an invaluable feature. The decode feature is great!


If you open the Debugger Shell View (Window/Show View/Debugger Shell you may have to look in "other") you can type:

display "PORTA_PCR0" -d
display "GPIOB_PDDR"
display "GPIOB_PDDR" -d
display "Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC0)" -d
display NVIC_ISER -d
display NVIC_IPR0
reg -regset (show other possible register sets, some of which may not work??)

If you use -d you will also see a complete decode of the registers contents.

I have also found if you look in the header file you can find the proper what to get the register you want.

Wow! What a time saver!