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D-Bug 12 Boot Loader problem

Question asked by Gaby Qua on Oct 14, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by Radek Sestak



I'm just a student and we were taught a microcontroller course using an s12 univ eval board. The debug and target MCUs are mc9s12dg128. At the beginning of our course we loaded the sermon s19 file through the bootloader so we can use codewarrior. I finished that course, however, when I tried to program flash again because I want to try d-bug 12 instead of codewarrior, boot loader does not respond. The boot loader options look like this:


D-Bug12 Bootloader v1.0.0


a) Erase Flash

b) Program Flash

c) Set Baud Rate

d) Erase EEPROM



However when I press any letter, the terminal doesnt echo the letter I typed, and the option menu doesn't show up again. The options show up again only when I press the reset switch of the debug MCU. This is the only time it doesn't work and I have been using this bootloader many times. Is it possible that the target or debug MCU is damaged? Seems like there is no response when I select an option in bootloader. Thanks in advance