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Recommendations for MX28 development.

Question asked by Randy Graham on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Randy Graham
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I am new to the family and am looking for a few general recommendations so I get started off in the right direction.


So far I have built linux 2.6.35 using LTIB and have it running on my M28 EVK.


My first question is, should I stick with LTIB or are there better BSP-build alternatives for i.mx28 (e.g. ptxdist, YOCTO), assuming I'll need to move to a 3.x kernel at some point ?


Next question is, I am developing an app for my MX28 EVK board that needs to talk to a SPI device on SSP2 and could use some pointers on how to set up the board file and spidev. Also, how is SPI support in the 3.x kernels?


Thanks for any help.