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CW10.2 erroneous breakponts in debug

Question asked by Jeff Kopittke on Oct 11, 2012
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I use CW 10.2 Build Id:120126 in windows 7 64 and have the following very annoying problem.

In "Debug the Controller" mode the code will stop at random points in the code exactly like they are a breakpoints (but they are not).

To continue I press the "Resume" button and the code continues along fine.

It is a random action and can do it without ANY breakpoints set.

Also I have noticed that whilst debugging using the "Step Into" function the code sometimes jumps to a totally incorrect part of the code.

I know the code is fine as if I unplug the programmer and restart the device it all runs OK or if I use the "Run the Controller" option it all runs fine.


Ive a notion the two problems are related.


Hopefully someone can shed some light.


Thank you


Jeff Kopittke