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Converting #pragma section definition from WindRiver Diab compiler to CodeWarrior

Question asked by Pierre SCHMIDT on Oct 10, 2012
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I am working on an MPC5668G project which I need to convert from Diab compiler to CodeWarrior. I am facing problems related to section définitions.


In one of the include file is the following definition:


#  pragma section APPLVECT "APPLVECT"

#  pragma use_section APPLVECT ApplIntJmpTable


In .lcf file, APPLVECT is defined like that:




This generates a compilation error.under CodeWarrior because the use_section directive is not recognized.


So I left the .lcf defnition unchanged but modified the include code like that:


#  pragma section APPLVECT "ApplIntJmpTable"


But this generates following error: "pragma section expected an object type or access permission and/or quoted name."


How should I convert the section definition to compile under CodeWarrior?


I've seen somewhere sections could be defined as:


#pragma section RX "ApplIntJmpTable"


But if written like that, the linker cannot know the section has to be of APPLVECT type...


Thanks a lot.


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