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EIM asynchronous multiplexed setup

Question asked by Pierre Schirrer on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by Pierre Schirrer
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I am trying to setup the EIM of an i.MX53(MX535) to access both a Fujitsu FRAM (MB85R1002) and an FPGA. I cannot access either. The address bus is de-multiplexed by a  74LCX16373 transparent latch driven by EIM_CS0. I observe erratic address values on the address bus. The documentation is not helping much, there are no examples of asynchronous multiplexed timings in the reference manual.


Has anyone had luck in setting such a configuration up ?


For info, I tried the following setups, none work :


EIM_CS0WCR1 = 0x16002082, 0x16002682, 0x1F0C2E92

EIM_CS0RCR1  = 0x16000202 , 0x16000502, 0x1F034522